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Concentration allows the best players to make amazing plays. They pick up and remember signals others would miss. One of them might explain an amazing call by saying:

About a year ago he bet with this little twist of his wrist. He was bluffing.

He doesn’t usually twist his wrist, but he just did it then, the first time I’ve seen it in months. So I called him, and, sure enough, he was bluffing again

You may barely remember who was in last night’s game, much less how they played a hand or the way they bet their chips a year ago, but some top players remember all these things—and lots more.

You will occasionally find intense concentration in small games. Howard, a successful CPA, plays for very small stakes and stays completely focused on the action. His concentration is a huge asset, but being so obvious about it is a liability. It damages the “let’s have fun” atmosphere, makes some opponents play better, and drives away the weakest, most fun-loving players.

Many cardrooms are close to horse-racing and sports-betting areas, which are immense distractions. Some people divide their attention between poker, horses, and sports, and they often lose at all three.


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