The Neck Support Belt is featured with a permanent magnet. It gets self-heating when it meets with water. The belt cloth is made from high-elastic fabric. The fabric is soft, light, flexible, comfortable, and convenient. The Neck Belts is an environmentally friendly tool. It has a magic buckle closure system.

Wearing this Neck Health Belt, first wipe the tourmaline on the brace with a damp cloth, put the tourmaline on the brace close to the neck, and fix it in place. Adjust the tightness properly. Put it for 15-30 minutes; then, you can feel warm.

The Magnet Neck Support Belt functions to strengthen the neck area, dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation, eliminate work stress, and relieve fatigue. It is a simple neck pain relieving belt.

Tourmaline Self-Heating Neck Massager