Our Hair Restoration Comb made with the latest soft laser technology (650nm) with Micro-current and high-power LED light therapy. It generates 650nm low-level laser energy, stimulates the hair follicle, activates the atrophic scalp cells, balances bio-energy, and improves metabolism. The Laser Hair Brush can improve fine lines and wrinkles and not damage the skin.

The Electric Hair Care Tool was featured with collagen recombination and hair growth with the specific EMS electric system. It can stimulate muscle movement and effectively activates cells and accelerates the generation of the hair follicle.

The Hair Massage Brush can increase blood flow, bring essential nutrients into the follicle, produce healthier hair, prevent further hair loss, and stimulate hair growth. It will have energy in the easy flowing parts; it means it will produce heat.

Electric Laser Hair Growth Comb