This Relaxation Massager is perfect for the waist, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, calves, etc. It has double rollers to massage the muscles of the whole body. It relaxes your body. The ABS Massage Roller can help to achieve the effect of firming, slimming, and beautiful skin. It has an innovative ergonomic streamline design, easy to use.  

The Fat Control Massager is Suitable for the face, legs, and whole body to accelerate the burning of fat, slimming your body. It adopted a sports-like effect while also soothing and relaxing your muscles. It is a powerful and complete body massager. 

You may feel a little pain when you massage with this Fat Control Roller because it can massage the body's acupuncture points, promote the body's blood circulation, and strengthen its health.

D Type Fat Control Roller Massager